IRIN is an amazing humanitarian organisation. I’m delighted to be joining the Board.

(GENEVA, 16 February 2016) – IRIN, the world’s leading provider of humanitarian news and analysis, has constituted its first independent board of directors, with award-winning international correspondent Howard French as its president.

IRIN reports from the frontlines of crises, bringing the voices of those affected to policymakers around the world. From rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo to rescue efforts in Nepal; from the Zika virus in Latin America to Syrian refugees in Europe; from UN financing to the competitive NGO industry; IRIN uses local voices and expert analysis to unearth the inside story on emergencies.

After nearly two decades as an editorially-independent project of the United Nations, IRIN has established itself as a non-profit association, constituted in Geneva, Switzerland in January 2016.

The Economist: How are Europe’s philanthropists measuring up?

Philanthropic organisations are increasingly measuring the impact of their programmes, a culture that has been adopted by private-sector entrants in this space. How are Europe’s philanthropists measuring up?
Across Europe, philanthropic measurement begins with a “theory of change”. “You need a theory for why you are doing what you are doing, and how it leads to better outcomes,” says Andy Martin, the founder of Firetail, a UK-based firm that advises clients on ways to promote causes and communities.

Wings for Life

Quoted in a piece for Wings for Life:

“There’s been a boom in running events at all levels over the last decade. Last year in the US alone, there were 28,000 different running events”, said Andy Martin, who is director of UK-based Firetail Limited, a consulting group that specialises in strategy and research for nonprofits, foundations and NGOs. “Most of these will have had some sort of charitable element. Around the world, but in the UK and North America in particular, running events are now a big part of a charity’s fundraising strategy.”

Lessons from Civil Society

I wrote a blog for the London School of Economics on the lessons academics can learn from civil society when thinking about their impact.
Academics should ask themselves three questions when thinking about the impact of their research to help form a broader understanding of how their work operates beyond reductive measurables.

Mobile World


How the world has changed in 4 years. This is a breakdown of the email clients people use to read the Firetail fortnightly email. An almost complete transition from desktop to mobile email reading.