Why it’s hard to make money with co-working spaces

[Half a thought about business strategy, developed over coffee with @alsteve1]

Co-working spaces offer desks to freelancers and small businesses on short-term contracts. The gap in the market comes about because traditionally landlords want to let buildings on long leases to one occupier, whilst freelancers only want a desk and don’t want to commit for years.

As work is changing, (we all work for ourselves in smaller, more temporary groups), this gap is going to get bigger. The demand for office space provided on a variable cost basis will likely increase.

But providing co-working space as a service probably won’t be a great business to be in.

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Naturemetrics is a very exciting environmental start-up:

NatureMetrics is leading the genetic revolution in biodiversity monitoring, applying cutting-edge molecular methods to the challenges of tracking nature at large spatial and temporal scales, in remote or difficult ecosystems, or when target species are rare, inconspicuous, or poorly known.