New Atlantis Ventures

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I’ve just launched New Atlantis Ventures with a business partner to work with early-stage entrepreneurs to build successful, high-impact companies driven by science.

Our approach is underpinned by four assumptions:

  1. The world needs more innovation. Start-ups bringing innovative ideas and intellectual property to life is a smart way to tackle the biggest challenges in the world. There is long-term value in these ideas.
  2. Building things is difficult. Start-ups are fragile and easily broken. Entrepreneurs need resources, support and access to networks as they build sustainable businesses around their insights.
  3. Early choices matter. Entrepreneurs need guides to help them avoid the obvious mistakes. Most start-ups fail to realise their potential, often because early choices reduce future options.
  4. No-one succeeds alone. Trust is everything and team dynamics are crucial. Smart capital beats dumb money, so partners and investors need to be chosen carefully.

There’s a white paper that explains what we’re trying to achieve.

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